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CFA Paid Opportunity for a Graduate Researcher in Book / History of Sexuality

CFA Paid Opportunity for a Graduate Researcher in Book / History of Sexuality

About 50 Years On:

50 Years On, Many Years Past: Nonfictions of Sexuality ( is an in-progress resource for the history of sexuality funded by a generous Carnegie-Whitney Grant from the American Library Association. This project will develop an open-source, easily reusable bibliography chosen, reviewed, and annotated by historians of sexuality, sex educators, and librarians active in sexuality fields.

Additional resources offered will include:

  1. A worldwide searchable and annotated directory of archives of use to historians, students, and researchers interested in LGBTQIA+ research.
  2. A descriptive catalog of relevant digital projects connected to sexuality and sexual representation.
  3. A bibliography of books tagged and searchable by research interest, reading level, topic, and more
  4. An interactive visual timeline of major events in the history of sexuality to help ground and pique public interest.

You can read a press release about the project from Indiana University Bloomington here, and see a wireframe version of the resource at

Fellowship and Work Description

I am hiring a graduate researcher to assist in the construction of an annotated bibliography focusing on the history of sexuality. This fellowship is largely aimed at a PhD. candidates who are at the comprehensive exam or A.B.D. stage, but advanced Masters-level students are also encouraged to apply. Interest in digital humanities, digital archives, or related topics would also help.

A successful candidate would be working alongside me (as an equal, given due credit & authorship for their work) in the construction of an annotated bibliography and the categorization of important work published in the history of sexuality over the past two decades.


Remuneration is in the form of a $1,500 USD payment in 2-3 installments (depending on whatever format works best for the awardee). This is roughly roughly 5-8hr a week at ~$16/hr over a 3 month/12 week time period, but the length of time is also negotiable.

Finally, I am planning on the publication of one or more articles at the completion the project, and will offer co- or second-authorship depending on interest and contribution.


Send a 1-page cover letter and a 2-3 page CV, to Brian M. Watson at briwats [at] iu d*t edu on or before May 1st, 2020. References are not required, but do not harm the application.

Candidates from anywhere in the world are welcome to apply, however, the project focuses on the United States and Canada, will be conducted and presented in English and renumeration is in USD. If currency conversion fees apply it can be discussed further.

Minoritized or multiply-marginalized candidates possessing essentially equivalent qualifications will receive preferential consideration. If applicable, please mention this in the cover letter.

p.s. Anyone that is interested in volunteering or collaborating is also welcome to reach out to me at the above email.

Feel free to forward this to any candidate that would be a good fit or would benefit from this opportunity.

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Brian M. Watson
Brian M. Watson
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