[Forthcoming] Mind the Gap: Sexology and Library of Congress Classification of Erotica, Pornography, Families and Children.
    Forthcoming article in special issue of Social Text edited by Joan Lubin and Jeanne Vacchario discussing Class H and the placement of Erotica and Children.
    [Forthcoming] Utopian Potentiality: Histories of Polyamory and Non-Monogamy
    We present the results of an investigation into the biographies, letters and archives of approximately 50 well-known figures in Western intellectual and artistic history in the post-Enlightenment era. In this article, biographies and partners of Virginia Woolf, Max Weber, Edna St. Vin-cent Millay, William Moulton Marston, Erwin Schrodinger, and Victor Hugo are mentioned. While some of these non-monogamous relationships are well-known, much of the evidence of their existence has been ignored, misrecognized, or intentionally obscured. The results of this survey demonstrate that contemporary patterns of non-monogamies are deeply rooted in historical precedence.
    [Under Review] A Finding Aid to the Pornographic Imaginary: Implications of Amateur Classifications on/by reddit’s NSFW 411
    A research paper on the development of sexual hierarchal and classification systems on Reddit and elsewhere.
    [Under Review] “Stunted even unto Asexuality:” The History and Classification of Asexuality in LCSH
    A study of the recent addition of ‘asexuality’ to the Library of Congress Subject Headings. Drawing on historians of sexuality, feminist and asexual theory, and medical scholarship, I argue that this is a grave oversight. Throughout this essay, I also argue for the consideration of a new movement of critical catalogers (or #critlib).
    [WIP] (Trans) Naming
    A research article on how libraries and archives have dealt with trans* and crossdressing names, as well as the choice of the author in cataloging individual’s names..
    [Forthcoming] “Hellfire and Cannibals: 18th and 19th Century Erotic Reading Groups and Their Manuscripts.”