• [WIP] Blue Laws, Blue Books: E. Haldeman-Julius & American Sexual Knowledge before Kinsey
    πŸ“… 2021-01-01✍️ Watson, Brian M.🎯 article
    a book history-focused paper that examines the underexamined Haldemann-Julius company and their sexological publications.
  • [Forthcoming] Mind the Gap: Sexology and Library of Congress Classification of Erotica, Pornography, Families and Children.
    πŸ“… 2020-01-01✍️ Watson, Brian M.πŸ“š Social Text🎯 article
    Forthcoming article in special issue of Social Text edited by Joan Lubin and Jeanne Vacchario discussing Class H and the placement of Erotica and Children.
  • [Forthcoming] Utopian Potentiality: Histories of Polyamory and Non-Monogamy
    πŸ“… 2020-01-01✍️ Watson, Brian M. , Stein-Lubrano, SarahπŸ“š Archives of Sexual Behavior🎯 article
    We present the results of an investigation into the biographies, letters and archives of approximately 50 well-known figures in Western intellectual and artistic history in the post-Enlightenment era. In this article, biographies and partners of Virginia Woolf, Max Weber, Edna St. Vin-cent Millay, William Moulton Marston, Erwin Schrodinger, and Victor Hugo are mentioned. While some of these non-monogamous relationships are well-known, much of the evidence of their existence has been ignored, misrecognized, or intentionally obscured. The results of this survey demonstrate that contemporary patterns of non-monogamies are deeply rooted in historical precedence.
  • [Under Review] A Finding Aid to the Pornographic Imaginary: Implications of Amateur Classifications on/by reddit’s NSFW 411
    πŸ“… 2020-01-01✍️ Watson, Brian M.🎯 article
    A research paper on the development of sexual hierarchal and classification systems on Reddit and elsewhere.
  • [Under Review] β€œStunted even unto Asexuality:” The History and Classification of Asexuality in LCSH
    πŸ“… 2020-01-01✍️ Watson, Brian M.🎯 article
    A study of the recent addition of β€˜asexuality’ to the Library of Congress Subject Headings. Drawing on historians of sexuality, feminist and asexual theory, and medical scholarship, I argue that this is a grave oversight. Throughout this essay, I also argue for the consideration of a new movement of critical catalogers (or #critlib).
  • [WIP] (Trans) Naming
    πŸ“… 2020-01-01✍️ Watson, Brian M.🎯 article
    A research article on how libraries and archives have dealt with trans* and crossdressing names, as well as the choice of the author in cataloging individual’s names..
  • Ethical Questions in Name Authority Control
    πŸ“… 2019-11-01✍️ Watson, Brian M.πŸ“š Cataloging & Classification Quarterly🎯 article
  • A Library Privacy Primer
    πŸ“… 2019-06-01✍️ Watson, Brian M.πŸ“š American Libraries Magazine🎯 article
    With her colleague Kathleen Ross, head of technical services at St. John Fisher College’s Lavery Library, Greco presented β€œLibrary Confidentiality: Your Privacy is Our Business,” a comprehensive primer on privacy and libraries, at the American Library Association’s 2019 Annual Conference and Exhibition in Washington, D.C. In the first of many audience engagement moments, Ross and … Continue reading A Library Privacy Primer β†’
  • Homosaurus and Digital Transgender Archive
    πŸ“… 2019-06-01✍️ Watson, Brian M.πŸ“š SAA Reviews Portal🎯 article
  • Intellectual Freedom 101
    πŸ“… 2019-06-01✍️ Watson, Brian M.πŸ“š American Libraries Magazine🎯 article
    If the purpose of Intellectual Freedom 101, held Friday afternoon, was to get the conference off to a lively start, it was successful. The fast-paced, one-hour panel let attendees learn about the intellectual freedom activities ALA and its affiliates are working on and how they are defending First Amendment rights. Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) … Continue reading Intellectual Freedom 101 β†’
  • Still Chilling: Censorship Beyond Banned Books - Still Chilling
    πŸ“… 2019-06-01✍️ Watson, Brian M.πŸ“š American Libraries Magazine🎯 article
    Kristin Pekoll, Assistant Director of ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) began the session by announcing that OIF had recorded 531 affected items in 2018β€”which is a step beyond just challenges. These items included books films, board games, video games, magazines and much more. Sarah Ward, outreach librarian at Hunter College Libraries in New York … Continue reading Still Chilling: Censorship Beyond Banned Books β†’
  • Review: Bodies of Information: Intersectional Feminism and the Digital Humanities: Elizabeth Losh and Jacqueline Wernimont, Editors
    πŸ“… 2019-01-01✍️ Watson, Brian M.πŸ“š American Archivist🎯 article
  • Crossdressing, Crossculture
    πŸ“… 2018-06-01✍️ Watson, BrianπŸ“š Metamorphosis🎯 article
    The 'issue' of crossdressing, in a very real sense, can be used as a common ground on which to explore Spanish and English cultures in three dimensions: the understanding of crossdressing on stage by authority figures and public audiences, its use as a literary device within popular plays of the era such as William Shakespeare's As You Like It and Pedro Calderon de la Barca's Life is a Dream. Finally, an examination of crossdressing allows understanding of its use by actual historical figures such as Mary Firth (i.e. Moll Cutpurse) in England and Catalina de Erauso (i.e. La Monja Alferez or the Lieutenant Nun). Faculty Mentor: N/A