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Internship Diaries #10: The Hierarchy On High

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We’re down to the last four blogposts! So here’s how they will work!


Blog 9 โ€“ Minor Revisions โ€” Proposals for revisions which would not affect more than one than one entry.


Blog 10 โ€“ Hierarchal Revisions โ€” Proposals for NTs or BTs that that do not currently exist for terms that do currently exist.


Blog 11 โ€”Original Terminologyโ€” Terms that do not currently exist in the controlled vocabulary that are being proposed for inclusion.

Basically forever from now

Blog 12 โ€“ Larger Revisions Proposals for revisions which would affect more than one than one term within the vocabulary. In my final reports, these are accompanied by an Appendix which lists all of the affected terms.

New Kings Needed Proposed

Total changes proposed: 17 adjustments.

This section is for proposals for NTs or BTs that that do not currently exist (in italics) for terms that do or do not currently exist. Each proposal is followed by a section detailing Changes and the Justification for the addition.

Here are some examples:

Venereal diseases
ADDITION: The addition of HIV and HPV to Venereal diseases
JUSTIFICATION: HIV was discovered in 1981, after initial publication. HPV is considered to be a major sexual infection, and is the topic of much discussion. Please also see proposal to update to โ€œsexually transmitted infectionโ€

RT Asexuality
NT Hypoactive sexual desire disorder
ADDITION: Adding Asexuality to Hyposexuality as RT. Adding Hypoactive sexual desire disorder as NT.
JUSTIFICATION: Asexuality: These are different terms, but are often discussed together, especially in psychological literature.
Hypoactive sexual desire disorder: this is DSM-5 clinical diagnosis when low desire causes distress.

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